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Pastor Lupe was incarcerated for 14 years of his life starting at the age of 19 and was released at the age of 33.  He endured many overwhelming obstacles during those 14 years of incarceration; however he persevered.  He was able to find himself again in prison when he found the Grace of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, with the loving guidance of a visiting pastor.

Upon his release, he discovered the world had left him behind and had to learn simple things like riding a bus, using a smart phone and more.  He was fortunate to find help at a bus stop to call his grandmother and was able to get reunited with his family.

He became an ordained Pastor, he is a husband, a father, a business owner, and entrepreneur. His passion for Kingdom Heart Mission comes from personal experience, is driven to help those who are starting their life after being incarcerated, to help them find their true identity by giving them hope and rehabilitate them back into society.  Through his pastorship, he helps the newly released to know the Heart of Christ.

As of 2019, President – Guadalupe Torres:

7 years of Leading and building ministers.
2 years as an Ordained Pastor
3 years of leading a ministry

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